After the cruel wars, destruction, economic blockade and corrupted politics which hit Iraq, a lot of poor families and orphans became jobless, where cannot find any chance to work. Therefore, Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation has taken initiative of establishing a project (department) for lending money to this segment. This project is called (Al-Ghaith Micro-finance Project). The project is to facilitate finding jobs to this segment and encourages self-depending work.


1. Improving the economic situation of orphans and limited income families.

2. Reducing the ratio of joblessness in the poor families

3. Opening productive projects to employ families of widows and the poor.

Project Policy:

Focusing on widows and orphans as its priority.


When borrower applies literally or in writing for getting a loan, the following procedures are followed then:

1. Knowing the life condition of the borrower.
2. Knowing the project to be made and its possibility of success.
3. The borrower is supposed to have a guarantor.
4. The amount is paid pack as monthly installments in IQD. The maximum borrowed amount is 2000$.